Lean Building & Design

Recovering economy.
Material shortages.
Trade shortages.
Demand letters no longer effective.

The next cut will cheapen your product.

Now what?

Stop Sign

Before you cut anything else, cut the staggering waste in your system.

Our apologies if that statement offends, but deny it at your own risk. TrueNorth has conducted over 115 consecutive LeanBuilding events and every single one has revealed astounding waste that can be safely removed.

We average $8,900/house. Maybe one is your competitor. Wouldn't that be interesting?

See our Results Table (PDF) to learn:

  • Where Lean works
  • House type it works with
  • Builder size that can benefit from Lean
  • Result for each builder who has ever tried Lean

It works every time

The LeanBuilding Blitz uncovers waste in your products and processes, then organizes you, your suppliers, and your trades to improve the bottom line. The process includes follow up and sets you up for success.

Not convinced yet? Here's a statistic that's unbeatable: fully 93% of our Lean customers since the housing recession started are still in business.

LeanBuilding is different.

You have not done this on your own, you will not do this on your own, and you cannot do this on your own. Therefore we put our own skin in the game and make this guarantee:

Your LeanTeam will identify a multiple of our fee or you don't pay.

Since we have skin in the game, we will not let you run a LeanBuilding Blitz unless it will quickly pay for itself. You have zero risk to try us, and much risk if you don't. We even have a pay-over-time plan that uses savings gained in the Blitz to pay for the Blitz.

All of which leaves just one final question: How serious are you about saving your company?

Check out our free white paper, Seeing With New Eyes – An Intelligent Approach to LeanBuilding.

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