Our Process

All TrueNorth products and services are organized around the 5 steps presented in the Road Map. Depending on client needs, it could be necessary to work through the entire process, or it may be appropriate to enter at an intermediate step.

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Discovery and Analysis
Applying an array of analytical tools to determine specific client needs.

Defining a definitive strategy that includes who, what, where, when, why and how in support of company goals and objectives.

Creating the high-performing organization necessary to attract and keep the best leaders, managers, employees, suppliers, and trade contractors.

Developing specific job skills to excel.

Process Improvement
Using high-level techniques to make specific, sustainable, high-return improvements for increasing productivity, customer satisfaction, and profit.

All TrueNorth associates are highly experienced professionals with exceptional backgrounds. They work with your management team throughout the project to determine the combination and sequence of steps best suited to your particular situation. Whether your need is for someone experienced in running a framing crew or for a top level Six Sigma Black Belt, we have the people who have “been there and done that.”


Testimonial: A Much More Effective Way

I wanted to let you know how valuable Kent’s time with us has been. So often, consultants’ suggestions are used only in the short term; long-term, people tend to stick with what they’ve always done. In many ways, Kent changed the way we process information about our own company; we approach opportunities in a much more effective way now and I have seen a marked difference in our approach to the business since his visit. Thanks for everything. We look forward to maintaining this relationship in the future.